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I was wondering how much time people spend making substrate, feeding etc...?

It takes me hours but I got a lot of beetles/larvae.

I've been spending hours baking wood, manure , leaves. I'm going to set up over 14 breeding bins, it is using so much wood and time. The time is mostly just baking now, it's just not ending and I have to produce serious amounts still.

The breeding bins are for the P. truncatus I want to successfully breed.

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Like you, it takes me hours and hours to make substrate! I can pretty much write off about three or four days worth of work to make a substrate just right for my beetles! So, the trick is to make LOTS of extra substrate so you don't have to do it but about once a year.



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I still need to learn how to make good substrate. I found a wooded area with plenty of rotting logs, so I'll start experimenting to see if I can figure out the right mixture. Seemed like the wood was still good since I found some Platycerus virescens and a Bolititherus cornutus in one of the logs.

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well, i buy oak pellets, so i dont really bake and all that. However, the pellets do take a long time to ferment and it's alot of work.

Usually when i collect leaf litter and logs from the wild, i dont bake. Logs, i just drown them for about a day and freeze it for another day, which will prob kill the pests in the logs.

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