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What's a good place to find some wood?

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What's a good place to find rotten wood? I have wanted to keep rhino beetles and stag beetles for a while but I can not find rotten wood, or any wood for that matter. All the nature parks in my area are not forest-y,

Meaning it's all desert, and new , small trees, no dead logs in sight!

There are lots of trees in the citys and neighborhoods, but no dead logs, Or any logs for that matter.

Anyone know where to find rotten wood, or to buy it? Next year I want to get some stags or rhinos so any help to find wood would be nice. Thanks!

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when you order them, you will need a huge bin. first you pour the pellets to the bin, then you get hot water and pour over the pellets. Then the pellets will start popping and will turn into sawdust. After that you will have to dry it, i'm not sure why, but i don't dry it. You will need to put yeast and flour depending on how much sawdust there is.

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Thanks so much! Now when I add the yeast and flour will it be ready for use right away? Again thanks!


Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for 1~3 months for fermentation to take place depending on temp.

Temperature above 75F is required for fermentation so do not ferment them in cold areas. You'll also have to stir substrate for every 1~3 days.

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Hi can you please give me direction in using the wood pellets for, say, stags and chalcasoma. I have never used them. Over here in the UK they are priced at about £1 per lb.....


If you are in the UK, just go out and collect some rotten wood. Any wood pellets will need several months preperation before they become remotely useable for beetle larvae. Much easier to go to your local woods and get the stuff.

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