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Hi from mx city


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Hi all from Mexico City. I am new to the breeeding of the scarabs. I have breeded only the Tenebrio molitor as live food for a some lizards i did keeped in the past times, but i know that this is a big laugh compared to the experience of all you with the real thing!


Here i have a few of different species of scarabs for to choose, but the most available appear to be one species of the sun-scarab, and another species of a small nocturnal brown scarab, and the natives species of green dung-scarabs, but sorry that right now i have not pictures of them but once i have them i will upload here pictures! thanks.


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Welcome to the forums. I visited Mexico City as a kid, I caught measles, was stuck in the hotel room, but I remember many, many large cocoons hanging from all the hotel patio ceilings. My parents bought me a dissecting kit, bag of marbles and squirt gun pen, I ended up dissecting many cocoons. Do you keep any beetles now?

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