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I have heard of people crossbreeding D. Tityus and D. Granti and I myself tried it on Hercules and Neptunus but got only deformed specimines. I was wondering if the Larger dorcuses titanus, bucephalus, taurus etc. could cross. I was also wondering if cervus and elaphus could cross.

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For what ?

Its senselessly, better breed a good tribe for many generations.

Thats are importantly, many Beetles are not for ever got get as Wild caught.

Think about this.




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I think crosses are awesome, we have been doing it to livestock as well as plants and the common dog is a great example. The genetic variations that can be produced is endless. I think it is the way of human nature to modify things ( nature included ) to make our lives easier and more productive, That is my personal opinion. It's not like you are cloning a human to harvest organs.

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