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Hello from Delaware


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That's all I'm really finding were I live. Kind of wish I could find other beetles. Hopefully once it warms up a bit there will be more things to find


Welcome to the forums! I have been fortunate enough to have visited Delaware and seen many pinned specimens from there. I have seen pinned specimens(collected in DE) of Cotinis nitida, Lucanus capreolus, Dynastes tityus, Osmoderma eremicola, Xylorectes jamaicensis,and some fantastic giant divers....the D. tityus I saw was an exceptionally large male.....


On my collection trips there I have also found Megalodacne sp., bess beetles, some big mystery grubs, and some cool looking rove beetles hanging out near a certain fungus. One of those trips I found a dying Xyloryctes jamaicensis female in a parking lot in the middle of November. It was 45 degrees! I guess being dumb doesn't pay off.

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