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  1. I was able to purchase these books from Jonathan Lai himself. I cannot be more pleased with theses books. They are THE best books for anyone who is interested in rearing rhinos or stags(as well as flower beetles....Goliathus, and long armed scarabs). You won't find any other book that's more in depth.
  2. You need to enroll your "friend" into an Entomology 101 course if they want to try and ID bugs in the future...I don't know how they got tiger beetle from looking at that stinker....
  3. Welcome to the forums! I have been fortunate enough to have visited Delaware and seen many pinned specimens from there. I have seen pinned specimens(collected in DE) of Cotinis nitida, Lucanus capreolus, Dynastes tityus, Osmoderma eremicola, Xylorectes jamaicensis,and some fantastic giant divers....the D. tityus I saw was an exceptionally large male..... On my collection trips there I have also found Megalodacne sp., bess beetles, some big mystery grubs, and some cool looking rove beetles hanging out near a certain fungus. One of those trips I found a dying Xyloryctes jamaicensis female in a parking lot in the middle of November. It was 45 degrees! I guess being dumb doesn't pay off.
  4. It's beetle season all year! I just found grubs a few weeks ago in 30 degree weather while rummaging through a log.
  5. You really can't blame the USDA for such strict regulations. There have been WAY too many instances where exotic insects have proven man wrong by defying the weather or having a diet entirely different from what was speculated. Recently I heard about a longhorn found in the northeast that was from Japan(not the Asian longhorn btw). Scientists said that it fed on rotting wood. Guess what? Turns out it eats live wood and is now destroying trees and beginning to spread. And there are many beetles in Dynastinae that are considered crop pests or have the potential. Jordan, where did you get that information regarding Lucanus elaphus? It's not too often I hear about beetles being exempt from PPQ permits(the few I know for sure are, aside from supers and meals, aquatic beetles and bess beetles).
  6. technically, it would be illegal to have a US native imported from Japan to the US unless you have USDA PPQ permits. I've done plenty of work with insects at museums and zoos to learn the legalities. I would imagine it would be much simpler to wait for the insect you're looking for to be in season in the US instead of ordering the animal from outside the country. Cheaper too.
  7. This is a great thread. It sounds super easy. I may just have to go outside in this 10 degree weather to see if I can find any overwintering adults.
  8. That's the company that made this one! This is much smaller than the 3D models with the windows. I also have 4D Master Vision's Allomyrina dichotoma with the windows.
  9. It was about $7.25 and I bought it on ebay. I should specify that the model came from South Korea...not Japan. My apologies.
  10. This just arrived from Japan today. They have the coolest toys! It was alot of fun putting together and looks great. It's about 4.5 inches long. I'm probably gonna buy the Dynastes granti model this company makes next. EDIT: I'm a doofus. Here's the photo...
  11. Forgot to thank you for the photos Lucanus! You, too, Ometeo! Now if only MY grubs would grow.......ugh
  12. I'll pass on the hybrid pupa, but thanks anyway! Any way you can have a size reference for the L3s? Like a ruler? I want people to understand that there are massive white grubs out there in their backyards .
  13. These are some great shots man. I'll definitely be using some, if not all of them. I'd still love photos of a larva in each instar(early and late) and a male pupa, as well as a third instar compared to something to show the impressive size....so if anyone else can help, please do! Thanks again Lucanus!
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