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Eudicella Schultzeorum Psudoermanni L3 Larvae Pair


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Hello, in your video is the Larva time to short, try to show it longer, closer and from all sites.(front,back, etc).


If this is a Eudicella, so i think you keept it to dry.

Give the substrte more Humidity, like a towel, that you can press in your hand, but it don´t left any waterdrops.

I hope you understand what i mean, my english is not the best...


Has your Larva a brownish chitin plate on it Abdominalsegment ?


And a last Profi tipp : Eudicella schultzeorum pseudowoermanni (Genus species subspecies)

The right Way of writing is that the Genus is Big, the species smal and the subspecies is smal too.


Give the larva some not to much Fishflakes, they love protein, and the result are biger Adults.

But not to much, mites explode in the substrate ! Maybe 3-4 Flakes fot the two per week... maybe better 2-3 flakes.


Good luck,


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