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Larvae help with keeping warmth!

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I have some dynastid larvae coming in and was wondering what ways I could keep them warm? I live in NC USA and recently the temperature has been at high 20's to 50ish during the day. My house is rather small and we have a stove oven which typically warms us up just fine, however we do not always have that on.(I work and go to school and so does the girlfriend). So it posses a threat to the climate of my larvae. I will have L3 and L2 Larvae coming and want to know an efficient way to keep them warm. I was thinking of perhaps getting a heat lamp for lizards etc but was thinking of getting a ceramic bulb since it creates no light and emits solely heat that replicate tropical/dessert. http://www.infraredheaters.com/petwarm.html Would this work or would it be too warm? I know they have heating pads as well and since dynastes larvae tend to dig downward I was thinking of that possible route as well. Also, I'm assuming if I did go that route the moisture level would have to be watched significantly more than usual? Any feedback with past/present experiences is greatly appreciated! :rolleyes:





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Hey Zero,

wich kind of Dynastid is it?

You can't keep all Dynastids at the same Temperature otherwise they will die.


Example: Trypoxylus dichotoma and Dynastes satanas must be kept at extremly different temperatures.

T. dichotoma can be keep at "warm"(23°C = 73°F) temperatures and it is deadly for D. satanas. They live in the mountains of Bolivia and it is colder there(max. 19°C 0 66°F).




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U could try a heated reptile mat, and put it to the lowest setting. That should get the job done :)


If you use a heat mat place it against the side of the tank, not underneath, otherwise you run the risk of upsetting the larvae, which will normally sit at the bottom of the tank.

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