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where WHERE where!!!

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hello guys im new and where do u guys get all these stag beetles i havent found the site that sells one exacept bugsincyberspace.com if u know any reliable bug sites like ken the bug guy please reply thank you. also any bug sites that sells giant water scorpion please reply and thank you

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so how an i gonna a buy it from you ryan.? im new to buy and trading in forum so help me. i only have 5 giant diving beetles but i really want to keep them. so i want either 6 larvae(any instar) or a pair of them(not old) for good price. which is better for shipping? oh and i have some more questions for u... sorry so do u have any water scorpions?,and tiger beetles. i really wanted to have them and i dont:( also any tips on the stags? i had 4 stag larvae and they died right away. they were moldy. also the eggs, do i burry them or put them on a surface? the eggs got fungus too., and my granti's legg is keep braking apart(the claws) any reason? how much does the soil need moisture? thank you for reading

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oh yeah and any good websites for insects? i know ken the bug guy and bugsincyberspace i live in us(seattle) tell me if this location is too far to ship alive stags from there

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I got two breeding pairs of Lucanus capreolus from a nice person on Mantidforums (Agent A), it was trade :)


I always go to Bugsincyberspace for all my invert needs (if I am buying, usually I do trades though), then Ken the bug guy (I have never bought from them though).


Just watch out on stags, they seem to flip over on their backs and need help getting right side up again all the time. I have to flip my male and female L. capreolus multiple times a day for some reason :\


Paypal is pretty useful for buying online, and fairly easy to use. Or there is also mailing money types (checks, money orders, and the such) but there is the chance of it getting stolen in transit.


For the mold problem, try to give them more air flow in the containers, and maybe they were too wet? Slightly moist, just enough to keep it from being dry, should be enough.


For your D. granti maybe you could post a new thread? They are rhino beetles and not stags, and you might get more answers on a new thread.


Hope some of that helped :) And hope you are having a nice day :D

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@Jreidsma: I know Agent A. I used to be very active on the Mantidforum.


@Hardshell: Just message me about this. it's a complicated thing :P. I'd be glad to help you though. I have to say though, that you might want to wait for the larvae to be adults :). I have a shortage of larvae but MANY pupa... and some adults already. No males yet. Will be in like 1-2 weeks maybe.

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