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Hi everyone,

I'm a high school biology teacher. I took a class on insects last summer and became hooked on the inverts. Last year, I brought predacious diving beetles and water boatman into my classroom. I prefer water organisms as they don't go very far when student "accidently" release them. (there always seem to be one). I also keep crawdads as well. This year, I want expand into non swimmers. I'll probably start with superworms and T. molitor, just because they're available and cheap. I thought it would be a good place to start. I was amazed by the wealth of information on this forum and decided to join.


I'll be going to the rain forests of Costa Rica next week for a ten days. It for a grad course I'm taking at Miami University (Ohio). I'll post any pictures of insects I come across, provided they sit still enough for me.

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I think Z. morio (superworms) are a good choice for beginning beetles.


If you are wanting them to be better for classroom study, then maybe regular mealworms would be better. Their life cycle is shorter and so the students would get to see it quicker.


Welcome to beetleforum! :D

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