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Found a Dynastes tityus

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My son found a D. tituys. At first I thought it was dead or dying. He found it upside down, in a parking lot, in the sun at 4pm on a very warm Texas day. When he brought it home I put it in a bug cage with some organic potting soil and the bug sprang to life and buried itself! The kids wanted to keep it so I looked up what to feed it. We've been feeding it old bananas and cotton balls soaked in 1:1 organic syrup and spring water. We have had it for about 3 weeks.


At first it was quite lively, especially at night but lately it just seems to sit in one corner of the cage or next to the food dish and not do much at all. It is still eating. It is in a 10 gallon aquarium with a lid, about 2 inches of organic potting soil on the ground, a food dish, and some sticks and rocks to climb on. I've read they only live about 4 months. I'm wondering if it is just getting near its time since the spring was so warm here in Texas or if there is something we are doing wrong or if there is something we can add to his environment to perk him up?


It is a very cool and large bug. My boys have enjoyed showing him off to friends and I will admit so have I! It is also a male.



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Alright, thank you. I will let the kids know that BUB is getting old. We are going to try to find some grubs and raise them will those live longer as beetles?

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