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  1. I have a bunch of the Eleodes goryiif your interested. I have larva and adults. These guys are pretty kooky I think when I compare them to the other darklings we have. They like the bury themselves, the love the climb and they eat way more readily than the other beetles. They are also pretty fun to watch. They like to climb up to the top of something, a plastic plant or rock, and stand there in a group all wiggling their little antenna. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  2. Yes! That would Eleodes goryi. I caught a bunch and they are breeding. I tried to put a few larva in containers with out substrate but they all died. Right now I have the larva in 100% coco nut coir and keep it as deep as I can. I'm going to try to isolate again when the meal worms are bigger. I found my darkling beetles like cucumber, carrot, apple, potato and red leaf lettuce the best for fruit and veggies. I give them oat meal and ground flax seed for grains and for processed food/protein I give them dog food, hermit crab food, tad pole food, and fish flakes. I have tried banana, strawberry, radish leaf, tomato, cilantro and parsley but they did not seem to be interested in those at all. I like to mix things up to give them variety. Since my family eats a lot of organic fruit and veggies and we have guinea pigs there are lots of scraps of things to give the beetles. I'm kind of excited to try pumpkin since it is October. My kids and I love these beetles. They are always active and willing to eat. They are so fun to watch in the evening as they run around and around and around the tank. We have one beetle we call Speedy (Cerenopus concolor), he always does clockwise laps. Never counter clockwise. I never really thought the beetles would have personalities but as the kids and I watch them in our community tank we can really see how different they all. It's pretty cool. I'm so glad we started this beetle journey. It's awesome.
  3. My son raised one of these. It was fun to watch it. We have the E. goryi right now but they don't seem to like to be without substrate like the superworm.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm holding off on the beetles until next month. My son's Bday is in December so I'll get my beetles and his for his bday at that time. Thanks!
  5. I'm not sure if a chestbut is though.
  6. I use tapatalk for my other forums this is the only I have that does not have that feature. Safari just doesn't cut it compared to tapatalk.
  7. Yay! Congratulations! I'm going to try D. tityus next season. Can't wait.
  8. That is the only aspen I know that pet stores sell. I'm not sure how you would treat it to make it ready.
  9. I'm thinking about getting some more darkling beetles. The weather is really mild this time of year in Texas. The high is 85 for the next week. I was wondering if 2 day shipping would be safe for them since it is so mild. Let me know your opinions.
  10. I think he is talking about small animal bedding, type wood shavings.
  11. I have Eleodes subnitens and a few other darkling beetles. They have been super easy to keep and they seem to be easy to breed for the most part. I keep mine on 50% sand and 50% eco-earth coco fiber mixed up together. Eleodes are happy as long as they have food and they look happy too. Always walking around waving their antennas. They are pretty active beetles at all times of day.
  12. What about internet sites or the people who list beetles for sale on this forum? http://www.bugsincyberspace.com/ http://beetleforum.net/forums/index.php?showforum=15
  13. Welcome to the forum! And I agree, that is a very good photo!
  14. I told you there were incredibly easy to get to lay eggs. Even after 2 days in a sour cream cup being man handled by USPS and the first thing they do is shake thier booties to the music.
  15. Yay! I'm so glad they got their well and look so happy.
  16. Keep us updated on how things are going! I'd like to learn the trick to the blue death fringing ones.
  17. Welcome to the forum!
  18. My local exotic pet store sometimes has beetles. They had some Blue Death Feigners a while back and every now and again have interesting grubs or meal worms but it is rare. You may ask around at the local exotic stores.
  19. I use to catch turtles all the time with a row boat and a big fish net. My brothers and I caught mostly painters but we also caught snappers, mud turtles, and soft shells this way.
  20. Yeah, tomorrow though. I don't want to wake the kids! The community tank is in their room.
  21. Now you have me questioning one beetle in my community tank I thought was a subnitens might be an acuticauda. Hrm... I may have to look into this more.
  22. You'll get to go out again! Another day at the park right? Just thinking positive.
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