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Euetheola humilis

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Has anyone had any experience with keeping this species? I collected 3 that were essentially on the brink of death on a hot, dry asphalt parking lot, and now have them in a medium sized deli cup in approx. an inch of substrate, which they have burrowed into. I'm not exactly sure what to feed them, for I've read they primarily eat the stalks of live plants, but they did nibble on some semi-rotten strawberry. I've put some rose stem in there (since I read that rose was a food source) but I haven't seen any of them feeding on it. So, is there a good way to feed and care for them, or am I just wasting my time and slowly starving them?

Thanks for reading.

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I imagine you could feed them brown sugar water or beetle jellies but this type of beetle is usually very short-lived at a few weeks. They probably don't live long enough to be able to starve. They may lay some eggs in the dirt.

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I am currently raising some right now and I've raised some larvae in the past.

I feed mine a slice of banana, piece of carrot, apple, etc....

I haven't got any eggs yet but I have seen the larvae of this species. Larvae were collected under a piece of wood that was sitting on a sandy soil.

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