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Hello everyone,


I always come on this site hoping to learn new info from others posts. Certain common info might be kind of hard to locate sometimes. On many other forums I have seen valuable common info pinned to the top of the forums for easy access. Things such as care for certain beetles as a pinned thread containing list of different beetles. Maybe with linkable names that when clicked on takes you to a thread containing info on that beetle. All it would take is a few people making different threads about certain beetle care and common info for a nice collection to build up and all be housed in one place. other members could also add to the thread. I know as someone who is new to and interested in the beetle hobby that many questions come up which are sometimes hard to find info on. Even things like; frequently asked questions, a question thread, learning to collect prepare substrate for different beetles, collections of photos of everyones housing and set ups to give others ideas, timelines on how long certain stages take for different beetles, collection of sites selling beetle products such as jellies and other materials, ect. These are just some examples and I'm sure other can think of different ideas but I think it would be a nice learning tool. I would start some informational threads myself but I don't feel I have the right level of knowledge of experience.

I feel like the only info I see shared is because a question was asked and maybe there could be more helpful info put out just to help others find answers without having to ask. I know the internet makes for a great place to find info but a site like this seems more ideal to learn since you can directly chat with each other and address things more specifically.

Anyone think any of this is a decent idea?



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Anybody is welcome to go through the forum and suggest topics for pinning. And of course anybody is welcome to create amazing content for pinning.


Consider how few conversations would be on this forum if we made it our goal to prevent them as your post somewhat suggests. What the forum needs is more conversation, not less. I'm not exactly sure why I pay $20/month to have it hosted but I enjoy the hobby of keeping beetles and appreciate the work Orin does in moderating here and in writing his books, etc. I like the idea of providing a place for discussions. Otherwise, there are plenty of websites with info. and books available on the subject. However, there are hundreds of pet worthy species in the US and very little work has been done with them. Take, for example, the blue death feigning beetle. Recently, on this forum, "Mr. Crackerpants" reported success in growing captive bred larvae to a certain point, before they died. This is a fantastic US species and his efforts represent the extent of achievement with them, while other beetles like Dynastes tityus are tried and true hobby classics by now. There are plenty of mysteries out there and plenty of interesting species.


You don't see me much on this forum, not because I don't love beetles but because I'm spread pretty thin through a very wide interest in different bug groups. Of all bug groups, tenebrionids are way up near the top for me.

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