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LOL anyone else have a symbiotic relationship with armadillos?

I have a pair of wild armadillos "aka texas speed bumps" that live in the wood pile in my yard. When i go out to the field with my bug light will tail along looking for the same bugs I am trying to catch... If they start digging some where i toss a dog cookie in their direction they almost always grab that and run with it leaving a pretty nice bug here and there.

kinda neat try it some time if you have access to armadillos... Tonight i got some photos of them with my epicly crappy point and shoot camera lol




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At one point in my life I was really fascinated with armadillos. I don't remember why I never had one but probably at that time I had no access. That would be great to go bug collecting with them!

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they're cute, we should call them Alejandro and Salsa :P

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I have seen them a few times, in local parks but not in the neighborhood. I will have to check out their spots next time I go collecting in this park where I always see one digging. I wouldn't mind stealing one of it's bugs. :P


I actually grabbed one (a long time ago) just to check it out, it had many ticks on it and sharp claws, so I immediately released it.


I am not fond of ticks or being sliced up, so I will not be catching any more armadillos. ;)


I still think they are cute and like how they will let me get pretty close to observe them.

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