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Giant Vinegaroon egg sac super cool


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i wanna keep vinagaroones one day!!!

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I'll take some!

What about cannibalism?



i have had no problems with that .. they live with there mom still.. i hand her a pre killed cricket and she takes a bite of it ... and the little beggars start grabing onto it she drops it and waits for me to hand her another one passing it to the little beggers... really neat behavior much like many scorpions i keep ..... they seem to do well together but i am going to separate them soon, as they are taking cricket on there own.

send me a note :) as to when you want them and how many lol


it is cool they fallow her around and she takes no interest in eating any of them...

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I believe these are known to stay with the mother for at least a few months after being born, waiting to leave until just before molting to 2nd instar (which can take up to a year). IME each instar takes 1 yr from then on.




that sounds about right :) i bought one from Orin 3 years ago and he sheds about ever 6 mnths and is about 3 inches long i fell in love with the little brute , and acquired some more of these guys, I think everything about them is fascinating, from there super cool mating dances to the way they hunt truly they are the arachnid i think everyone needs a few of.



PIC 1 has the cricket


pic 2 mom drop the cricket and the babies tear it to bits


Pic 3 Here is a pic of mom after she dropped the cricket bits you can see how the baby tailed her until she even droped the head.. which it is greedily eating .. adorable..


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