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A beetle specimen for making a gift?

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Hey all,

As a beetle enthusiast who is now working as a photographer thanks to beetles from my childhood, I'm planning to make 2~3 high quality gifts made out of beetle specimens to my best friends whom I value the most. One of them is female but she knows about me well especially with beetles so it's not a huge concern. I only care about the gift for my female friend which is quite tricky. I don't know what to do with a specimen which is a good question.




Few ideas... Resin, display, key chain, etc...


Btw, I gotta travel to Asia so making a huge one is impossible and I don't think a huge gift is an ideal choice. So I'm trying to find one stag/rhino/flower beetle to start with the project. I know quite a lot of beetles but not too specific. What I'm thinking now is red P.muelleri since it looks beautiful and her favorite color is red/ruby. Yeah, something beautiful and rare. I would limit my choice within stag and rhino beetle. 


Any other suggestions if you know any beautiful rhino/stag beetle to create a gift?

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