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  1. Im looking for rhino or stag beetle specimen for collection. I have $100 + shipping. I already looked insect-sale.com, titan beetle, eBay, and etsy already but have limited specimen that I wanted and can't buy from more than two different location. What I want are basically uncommon, unique shape, size(bigger the better), and color. I would like to see more options to consider for making decisions. I don't need to buy a lot like insect-sale.com is doing. Chalcosoma Chiron Hercules Gloliatus Lucanus Cervus Cervus mesotopus tarandus Giraffe Muelleri Lamprima adolphinae
  2. I want to breed either rhino or stag beetle in NYC for portrait shooting and breeding. Well I can not just buy beetles secretly and then use them in real life so I'm looking for the site or place to talk about this. Does anyone know where should I talk about permits?
  3. How should get rid of smells from beetles that I pinned?
  4. Hmmm rhino beetles are not that thick compare to stag beetle. But the problem was that the jointed legs are still hard as a rock. I relaxed them on hot water(replaced once) for 2~3hrs. Should I relax beetles for one day then?
  5. That looks risky. That part seems to be easily break down. I tried pinning with one stag beetle and that part was almost teared apart.
  6. I'm having trouble to put pin on beetles. It's quite risky to put the pin on beetles since the second part of body start to break. Right now, it's fine but I'm really scare to put the pin on them. How do you usually pin it easily?
  7. Is it ok to put beetles into alcohol rather than hot water?
  8. Well even beetles are hardened, they are easily break down with any touches.
  9. 1. Will it be better to put dried beetles into alcohol than hot water for longer preserving? 2. Are there any way to harden dried beetles? 3. Megasoma Actaeon is too big to pin that my longest pin is not that long to make a space between the box and Actaeon. Any suggestion?
  10. Xyloryctes thestalus? Never heard that beetle before. Does it look like Chalcosoma Chiron?
  11. What? Megasoma Genus?? in America? I never head that Megasoma genus is exist in America.
  12. Hmmm ok. Will it be easy to get dried rhino beetles in winter then?
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