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Collection experience in near East?

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does someone here have experience collecting insects in the near East? I would love to hear some experiences and stories.

I‘m planning to collect some Cetoniinae in Turkey, Georgia and possibly Iran so these countries interest me the most.

Best regards

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An easy way to collect Cetoniines anywhere in the world is using a fruit bait trap either you rub bananas on trees before the noon, and go see if there are any attracted afternoon in summer time, or use a trap to hold insects contained with plastic containers (bottles). You can easily make simple traps like this by cutting the top portion of the plastic bottle and place it upside down on top, and have bananas with little bit of beer inside. Also make couple 1-inch holes on side of the bottle to raise chance to have beetles fall into it. Genus Protaetia and/or similar, closely related genus will easily be collected with this method.

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