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Hello Fellow Invertebrate Enthusiasts!


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My name is Stacy Beth White from Chicago and I have been a lifelong lover of all animals and plants and nature. But over the last 5 years I really started to take a whole new fascination and appreciation of insects and invertebrates. So I started off with the Chinese praying mantis ooth hatching and falling in love with the praying mantis and therefore accumulating over several years about a hundred different species of mantids, then went on to rescuing hornworms and allowing them to pupate into the hummingbird moths (release repeat), I did the silkworm thing, now I have dozens of millipedes from all over the world, tons of exotic isopods, many tarantulas, scorpions, whip scorpions, roaches, pacman frogs, regal jumping spiders, and of course beetles LOL. I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I have so much to take care of for one person is practically impossible. I have no life. I spend almost all day feeding, cleaning and just the overall care of all of these animals is too much. Which is why I'm reaching out through this forum. I am giving away almost all of my darkling beetles and selling bulk superworms super cheap. Selling isopods for around $1 a piece. Baby regal jumping spiders are available and Madagascar hissers and Dubia babies (as pets.) I will start a new post that will list all that I have available and prices if anyone is interested. I pray someone is interested in taking some of these off my hands. 🤪 I tried to post pictures but they are over 500 KB. How do I get around this?

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On 1/13/2023 at 12:33 PM, StacyWhite75 said:

🤪 I tried to post pictures but they are over 500 KB. How do I get around this?

Open the photo in Paint. Go to skew/resize and make 20% then save. Don't save over original and percent could be much less with 20mb image. Most pictures you take are fa r larger than anything you could use them for.

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