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On the legality of exotic beetles in the USA

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I've skimmed and searched these forums and I'm getting a lot of people just saying that importing beetles or even just having non-native beetles is illegal. I would like some sources on this because in my research according to, 7 CFR 330, the section in the Code of Federal Regulations that pertains to pests, beetles and insects that do not pose a risk to plants as defined in the terms; "Any living stage of any of the following that can directly or indirectly injure, cause damage to, or cause disease in any plant or plant product: A protozoan, nonhuman animal, parasitic plant, bacterium, fungus, virus or viroid, infectious agent or other pathogen, or any article similar to or allied with any of the foregoing."

It is a fact that the majority of Dynastae beetles are not plant pests and could not possibly be plant pests because their larval forms only eat rotting, already dead wood. It is also a fact that customs workers are not the best at knowing things, and that beetles get caught in customs anyway. This does not make them illegal though.

If it really is blanketly illegal to even own then could somebody get me some sources to prove that?

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The organisms itself being imported can cause an issue, but that's not all about it. The organisms being imported may be carrying disease or other pests hitch-hiking on them can cause issues on native plants and animal fauna. Lots of issues can be occurred here. Dynastes species never been known to be a plant pest, however, if not treated correctly, they may bring in VERY dangerous other things to native plants. This is the utmost reason a reckless importation (without permit) can potentially be dangerous.

I sure love to keep and rear different beetle species either native to the US or not, but I totally agree to restrict illegal importation of exotic species.

By the way, there are numbers of cases that exotic insects causing lots of issues in Japan. Some may think Japan is allowing all kinds of species being imported, but that is not true. Many beetle species available in Japan are actually illegally imported, and still being done. That is why there are exotic species in local parks and mountains┬á­čśé­čśé

*Also, many Dynastine scarab beetles are known to be plant pests.

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