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Kati Lee

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I think I took that picture when I’d just gotten him so it might have been a little dry then but I think it’s good now. I have a batch of your substrate recipe going in my basement by the way, great video on YouTube. It’s hard to keep the temps up this season but we’ll see how it goes. 

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If you are keeping palawanicus, or probably any dorcus for that, be careful. They are VERY strong and aggressive. One time a female I had bit my hand. It hurt so much. I thought only the males were violent, I was wrong. They are also strong enough to open enclosures. I didn't immediately have their permanent enclosures when they arrived, and a female escaped. I found her on the other side of the house. A males also escaped and I found him on my variegated alocasia. I named him Houdini. Bad choice. He escaped his permanent enclosure which was a critter keeper. I found him on the garage floor with half of his mandible missing. On your strong beetle's enclosure I would recommend putting heavy objects like books on top. They are very cool and rewarding but just make sure to be careful.

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Oh. What Beelzebub did you name it after? The one from genshin impact or the demon? I really like large stag beetles because of the way they move their antenae. It is so fast and jittery. I love it! Another reason I am looking for a prosopucolis girrafa. Good luck with finding a female!

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On 12/10/2021 at 3:43 PM, Kati Lee said:

Wow they have all kinds of beetles. I do live in the states though. Do you say that for the wellness of the beetle or possible customs issues? Or both?

Permits exist. That's probably the only way to legally get them from him

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