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  1. No temp and moisture have been kept the same. I keep a thermometer to make sure it stays pretty constant.
  2. I got some harlequin flower beetles earlier this summer and they had been very active up until the last few days. I added some fresh bedding and now they’re staying under the substrate most of the time. Did I do something wrong with adding new bedding or do they go into a dormant phase? I hope it’s not the end of their life cycle I’ve really enjoyed them!
  3. You had some amazing and beautiful beetles!
  4. Thank you! I just got back from picking up some plants (always exciting) so I’ll have something by this afternoon.
  5. Hi everyone! I’m here to learn and to hopefully get some resources for sourcing some new beetle friends. I’ve already learned a bit just by going over past posts, you’re a very knowledgable group. I’ve always kept cool bugs that I could find but I’m having my first try at making eco systems for insects from outside my limited range. I just got my first order in or harlequin flower beetles and I’m really enjoying them. I picked up a few enclosures and am super exited to fill the others with something cool!
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