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Dyscinetus morator larvae


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Anyone interested in keeping and rearing unusual, or rather, nonpreferred, unpopular beetle species?

Dyscinetus morator is pretty common species of subfamily Dynastinae at my area, and is pretty widely distributed.

I've collected hundreds and thousands of this species, but never attempted to rear until last year. I've successfully bred, got multiple eggs, larvae hatched last year, however, due to tropical storms causing power outage for several days, and also HVAC going dead, all larvae died.

I'm attempting this little project again, and successfully got eggs and larvae hatched out. I haven't opened up this container yet as I didn't have time, but it looks like adults are still alive (adults collected in May), still laying eggs, and larvae are still feeding well right now in container.

Couple things to be noted:
1. container: not a wide, but rather narrow, very deep container with about 12 inches of substrate.
2. Adults love beetle jellies, so probably will feed on various fruits including apple, melons, bananas, etc.
3. Love humidity. haven't seen much success with drier substrate, but very successful in humid set up.
4. Larvae do well in Mesquite and Oak substrate, haven't tried anything else yet.
5. Larvae do well in any container whether alone or grouped together, no cannibalism or barely any.

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