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Baby hybrid hissers are dying! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!


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I have joined All Pet Roaches but I have yet to be approved - and I can't wait anymore. It's an emergency.


Last night I found one of my new born hybrid hissers dead. And another today. Also, the wood roach went missing, I guess he flew to the top and squeezed through the vents, he's certainly small enough. I don't know how or why my babies are dying. Maybe they're eating the vasiline I keep a layer around the top? The other roaches are hurting them? Worried, I took them out and put them in smaller enclosures. However, these enclosures grow mold quickly, especially if I ever spray it down. So it remains a little dry. I use extra quencher jells to keep them moist(this worked for my domino, death's head, and chrome roaches when they lived in these enclosures). But I worry if quencher gels are killing my baby hisser hybrids. Is it bad for them? I do have these new "water pillows" that you put in water and it absorbs water and can be used as a water subsitute. I might use it to keep the tanks humid at least. I use coconut fiber with a little bit of leaf litter as substrate. toilet paper roll to climb and eat in. I feed them roach kibble, carrots, and apple. I used quencher gel as water. Whats the best water source for these little guys and what is going on?

Thanks for any help! I don't want to lose these guys!

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