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Homoderus mellyi problem

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Hello guys,

just received a pair of Homoderus mellyi, and from what i have seen the female is pretty active but hasn't eaten anything except munching on some rotten wood that i laid in the tank, and shes always in the surface under a small piece of wood or exploring and hasnt burrowed . The male just stays on top of the food that i put him on, and stays there, always.... hasn't moved or explored the tank.

I'm a new beetle keeper from portugal, and i can't contact the seller right now, the facebook page that i contacted with just outright dissapeared 😕 so i have no way of getting in contact with the breeder to ask how long have they both hatched from the pupal cell (rookie mistake).

Hope you can help me guys, thanks for the attention


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Well if I were you, I would put the female in a small container with some wet paper towels and food to see if she's really eating or not. If you see a lot of excretions in the container after a few days, then you will know that she's eating. It is possible that the female has been mated already and is looking for places to lay eggs; hence the reason why she is always exploring and ignoring food.

How long has the male stayed on top of the food for? The male could be super hungry, weak, or just started to become active. To check the health of beetles I always check their grip strength and see if they respond with a threatening pose(especially male stag beetles) when I touch them. 

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I did a quick google search and was able to find their care on a japanese website. Hope this helps you a bit. Google translate is your best friend.






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Well firstly thank you a lot for the huge help :)

I'm gonna put the female in a small container like you said, just to see if she eats. If in a couple of a days she doesn't eat I'll put her back in the tank and keep a eye on her and see if she burrows. I have seen her munching on wood so maybe that is a sign that she already mated.

Well the male has grip strength, the day he arrived I almost couldn't take him out of my finger ahaha I think he is still a bit on the inactive but I can't be sure without contacting the breeder.

Regarding the links thanks a lot I will check them out, didn't think of searching in japanese.



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