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Any NYC breeders? From South Korea

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Hey guys,

I have been raising beetles since I was a kid but quit 5 years ago. I am from South Korea, where stag and rhino beetles were super popular.

Want to restart this nostalgic hobby in NY. Any tips on where to find the beetles and supplies? Is it legal to raise stag and rhino beetles?

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It is legal but you have to be careful if they are native to your state. Unlike Korea, the US doesn't have many options. I've lived in Korea before I moved here. In Korea, there are specific shops for rhino and stag breeding. However, in the US there are only a few shops for beetle breeding. Most people make their own flake soil. 

Buy beetles from: Bugs in cyberspace

Buy supplies and beetles from: Insect Brothers(Insect bros have more cheaper flake soil and beetle jellies)  

Buy beetles and supplies from: US Beetles: they have a lot of options. 

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