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Beetle-related Gmail / YouTube question

Teneb fan

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Hello everyone,  I wanted to get a Gmail account so I could subscribe to Bugs in Cyberspace's YouTube channel, and other channels I like, to support them and be able to comment.  To set up an account you of course need to enter your first and last name.  After creating the account I went over to YouTube and found out that my public name on YouTube was automatically set to my full name, with no option to change the display name for YouTube only.  I want my display name in YouTube to be my first name only, so I looked up a YouTube video about how to change your name in YouTube.  The man on the video said to go to Settings / Accounts / Send Mail As, then save the change.  I did this, but then went over to YouTube, and it still said I was commenting publicly by my first and last names.  The video was from 2016, so maybe the info is outdated.  Any suggestions?  THANKS!    😀

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