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  1. Welcome to Beetle Forum!
  2. How beautiful! I saw this documentary film on public TV about the Japanese people's love for beetles: http://beetlequeen.com/home.html One young Japanese man collects beetles to sell wholesale. It's his whole career, not a side job. He drives a FERRARI !
  3. Welcome! I'm sure you'll find Beetle Forum very useful. 🙂
  4. Thanks, guys! I was able to do it by going into "manage your Google account," and taking out my last name. 😀
  5. Hello everyone, I wanted to get a Gmail account so I could subscribe to Bugs in Cyberspace's YouTube channel, and other channels I like, to support them and be able to comment. To set up an account you of course need to enter your first and last name. After creating the account I went over to YouTube and found out that my public name on YouTube was automatically set to my full name, with no option to change the display name for YouTube only. I want my display name in YouTube to be my first name only, so I looked up a YouTube video about how to change your name in YouTube. The man on the video said to go to Settings / Accounts / Send Mail As, then save the change. I did this, but then went over to YouTube, and it still said I was commenting publicly by my first and last names. The video was from 2016, so maybe the info is outdated. Any suggestions? THANKS! 😀
  6. I'm sorry for your loss, Chris. It's true that some beetles just die, but others slowly age and are more mobility challenged. That happened with one of my Blue Death Feigning beetles. She/he used to hang from the screen at the top of the terrarium. Then there was one time where five legs were hooked onto the screen, but one back leg couldn't make it -- the beetle kept trying to get that leg up there, to no avail. Then I noticed it getting slower and slower, then not eating fresh fruit. It must have been hungry, because one time I put down some fresh apple bits; it went over to the apples but then went away, like it couldn't manage to chew. Shortly after that, I put down a food dish including beetle jelly. She/he dragged itself out from under the half-log hide towards the jelly, and ate some. It must have been starving; the jelly was easy to eat. But it only ate a little jelly. When she/he finally passed away, it was sad but a relief, since she/he went to a better place.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm very excited to be a Beetle Forum member! For a long time I had wanted a small pet that was interesting but low-maintenance. In August 2017 I ordered seven Blue Death-Feigning Beetles from Bugs in Cyberspace. They were a joy to watch, but at night, even from one room away I could hear them trying to climb the wall. They sounded so miserable in there. I asked Peter Clausen for advice – he said it's their nature to be at the perimeter of their habitat before settling down for the night, "especially if they don't have much in the middle to play on." Right away, I purchased a 24" x 18" terrarium, 20 pounds of sand, and accessories. They seemed more content in this larger, enriched environment. Over the years, I have ordered more Tenebs from Peter. I currently have 39 beetles of about 12 different species (some are assorted indeterminate species). I love watching their activities. I’m looking forward to getting involved in the Forum and reading the members’ experiences and advice! P.S. I’ve noticed that underneath members’ avatars and basic info, some people have written more about themselves, e.g. gender and hobbies. I couldn’t find a spot to enter this info on my Profile page. How can I do this? Thanks! 😀
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