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How to preserve/hold on to substrate

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I was looking for bugs in the woods and I stumbled upon a really well white-rotted oak log. Finding rotten hardwood is pretty tough around here and I could only find some beetle frass amongst the flakes of hardwood. My question is, how di I hold onto it/make it last as long as possible without using it? I don’t have any beetles to feed it to right now but I still don’t want to waste it. 

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Either way you can keep them safe is recommended. Either one of "dry" or "freeze."

I keep mine in dried condition. I just have to add some water to reuse it immediately.

If you freeze it, it take some time to defreeze, and might have too much moist from freezing/defreezing works.

However, freezing does have good points like killing any existing pests, and will prevent any infestation of pest (insects or fungus)

For dried storage you will have to keep it safe where no pests will ever enter.

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