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AZ Trip

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In December? Maybe some dung beetle relatives like Aphodiinae, Geotrupidae, Bolboceratidae, etc. or any decomposers like Silphidae kinds... AND probably depending on the collection sites. It looks like some locations in Arizona gets HEAVY snows. Is there any particular reason that you are going out of state to get tattoo...??

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Phoenix is tooooo city-like place to collect scarabs. I'm sure you can find one or two, but would you collect one or two or rather collect over 10 in Payson? I don't think they are still alive and actively flying and feeding right now, but Payson is only an hour driving away from Phoenix. 

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If I was going to make a day trip out of Phoenix to see a few bugs in general I'd head up into the Superstition Mountains and flip some rocks. You may see some fun tenebs, scorpions, etc. I've found Arenivaga sp. roaches under rocks there in the Tortilla Flat area. Definitely nice to get out of the city limits and that's a pretty close spot to target.

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