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Hey everyone!

My name is Spencer Livermore. I am currently living in Utah, USA, where I am studying Biodiversity and Conservation. I volunteer at the Thanksgiving Point Entomology Lab and love breeding beetles in my small house where my wife is very supportive. I consider myself part of the new and upcoming generation of scarab enthusiasts/researchers!

I fell in love with beetles while living in Japan for a couple of years, and I haven't been able to shake that love since. I am particularly fond of Goliathus species. I hope to keep adding to the amazing research done by Jonathan Lai and Karl Meier. I am also a huge fan of Danial Ambuehl, and was first inspired by him to breed Goliathus. 

As my breeding experience deepens, I will post guides at www.beetleshelf.com and video breeding journals on my YouTube channel. Everyone on these forums is very experienced it seems, but I am mainly targeting those who are interested in the hobby, but don't know where to start, or have bred other inverts but also want to branch into Coleoptera. 

Let's continue to tighten and expand the community! Thanks for having me as a part of it!

- Spencer Livermore

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Welcome! Super stoked to hear about your passion for creating a wider audience for beetle breeding! I'm fairly new to the hobby, also with hopes to eventually expand into some sort of scarab research. Excited to follow your breeding blogs!

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51 minutes ago, Dynastes said:

Welcome! I would love to see Goliathus larvae and adults available. I wish you good luck.

Thanks! Same to you. That's one of my main goals in the next year or so. I'll keep you posted! First batch is coming in soon, but I have to get good at rearing them first! Haha

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