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D. derbyana vs D. derbyana layardi

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Hello everyone,


I have been looking at some Cetoniid pics on the net and have come across what looks like a flower beetle named D. derbyana.

In looking up information I also found D. derbyana layardi... it seems to have a lot more red on it's body (or is this just a flash reflection?)


Am I looking at pictures of color morphs or subspecies?


Thanks in advance,



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There are a number of different intergrades often listed as subspecies. Some are solid green with no white bands like D. micans while other derbyana have varying white bands and can be green, red, blue, purple or an intergrade.

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Whats the problem here ?

I can´t understand this, because my englich is not good enough...


Maybe i can help out too... :)




I think he's asking about the different geographic colorations of beetles labeled derbyana. However, the red reflection can vary within stocks and has less to do with the variety.

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