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Biggest noob mistake ever made

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My biggest noob mistake was about 1 and half years ago when I was just getting into beetle keeping and well  I was on a farm in the mountains and found about 80 or so stag beetle grubs and at the time I didn't know to much about keeping them so I had them on eco-earth and some wood it's in the soil and well I dont have a single stag beetle 😔

So what are noob mistakes you guys have made?

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I think it was about five years ago at least, but I once a Luna moth in my area. It was floating in a river, so I rescued it and brought it home. I was looking at it and somehow, even though I knew very little about arthropods, I noticed it had no mouth parts. I assumed it had lost them. Since I had heard Lepidoptera (although I did not know that order name) taste with their feet, I spent the rest of the night trying to make it happy while it died. Looking back, I practically drowned the poor thing in all sorts of sugary liquids. I later found out that Luna moths do not feed as adults, only live a week, and (minus the river trip) was living normally. 

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