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  1. They are blue deaths and probably a few weeks. Eggs on the surface will most likely be eaten.
  2. You can also order off of Amazon
  3. Thanks final question what have larvae been feeding on?
  4. Hey @DynastesDeehow are the ironclads? Any new info to add I wanna attempt to breed.
  5. If that's a major than I think I have one. Also congrats on all the finds.
  6. Here and there I've heard of people getting them I just don't think it's a whole lot of breeders getting them its more people collecting for fun or pinning.
  7. @Goliathus every take collecting request for megasoma?
  8. I would say for simplicity if you could find it some sort of non toxic marker if you wanna do basic tracking/discerning. Also what is the tracking for?
  9. Depends on the state I would say grab some and when doing orders ask people if they would like/need some. Most likely they probably wont be needed.
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