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Extended Pupal Stage

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I think room temperature is very broad. Personally I set my AC/heater to 67F in winter, 77F in summer. And temperature affects a beetle's time to emerge.

I know some Cheirotonus may take 2 months.

After emergence, some species may sleep in pupa cells for a few months before active. Like Lucanus elaphus, Dynastes tityus, Goliathus regius 

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Differs per species, differs per temperature, yes. They may take extra weeks when it's cold (not ready, thinking it's not spring yet). Also, if you keep them very warm, they can emerge out earlier than average time the species would take. Nothing too bad or good about it. No changes really. I used to rear Dorcus titanus castanicolor (very long time ago, in Korea) female spent about 4 months as larva, and spent 2-3 weeks for pupal stage. That isn't normal, but still emerged very large size (42mm) for the species, and lived long enough.

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