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  1. Thank you Ratmosphere, I don't think they can fly either. I spent a lot of time watching them and there was no flying. I must have a freeloader. Take care, Koyle
  2. Hello, I would like to know if Alphitobius diaperinus can fly? I am raising some for the first time and now I am seeing very small beetles in my enclosure. Almost seems they are actually to small to be juvenile Alphitobius diaperinus. Any thoughts? Thank you
  3. Hello Beetle Forum, After looking over this website it appears that a few of the forum members actually have beetles that they are for sale. I am currently a PhD student at Texas A&M and I am looking to purchase various beetles for an upcoming research project. I have found it rather difficult to find dealers/hobbyist that sell beetles online, so I was very excited to find this website. If you all have beetles that are for sale, please contact me with a list of the available beetles. I am going to attempt to place this email in the classifieds but wanted to include
  4. Thank you Pewrune and JKim for your replies. I will look into the species you identified. Thanks again, chickenman97
  5. Hello Forum, I am wondering if anybody knows of a species of beetle that has an extended pupal stage of 1 month or more in captivity at room temperature? Ideally, the longer the pupal stage the better(2-6 months). I appreciate any guidance that can be given regarding this subject. Thank you, CM
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