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Good evening. 😛 

I've decided to start up a photo thread on my pretty small, but growing beetle collection after finally learning how to share pictures easily here thanks to the one and only, @Hisserdude. Let's begin things with my most miniscule and possibly most otherworldly species, your favorite pest, Mezium affine. :)

Mezium affine







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13 minutes ago, The Mantis Menagerie said:

I have two questions. First, where do you find Mezium affine in the US? Second, what do these beetles eat? 

You can find them pretty much in houses around the whole U.S feeding on people's stored grain products along with a few organic materials. They will eat really any grain-based product in captivity, although I have seen that they prefer dogfood over oatmeal for sure.

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Gymnetis thula








Pupal chamber


Adult and pupal chamber



3rd instar larva


Suspected 1st instar larva


Suspected 1st instar larva and 3rd instar larva

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