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    Keeping, breeding, observing, documenting, and spreading appreciation for arthropods, gaming, watching and playing sports, and listening to a good tune.

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  1. For those that guessed Danaus plexippus (the Monarch Butterfly), you are correct! 👏
  2. Merry early Christmas, guys! Did anyone else get one of these under their tree, or was it just me?? 😜
  3. Smeringurus mesaensis (the Dune Scorpion) is a sizeable arachnid that ranges throughout the Southwestern United States and Mexico. They get their common name from the habitats in which they call home - open deserts/dunes. Individuals spend the scorching daytime hours hunkered down in burrows and only emerge to go about life once darkness has fallen. Females generally outgrow males and measure up to approximately 3 inches in length at adulthood, making them one of North America's largest scorpions! If threatened, these animals will raise the tail end of their bodies high into the air, sending a
  4. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This year, I'd like to extend a special thanks to House Centipedes. Enjoy and have a swell holiday. 😄
  5. Happy Hallows' Eve, coleopterists! I present to you: An All About Arthropods Halloween 2020 Enjoy and stay buggy! 😜
  6. The giveaway is now over. Thank you to everyone who participated!
  7. Free arthropods, anyone? 😛 Head over to my Facebook page and participate in the 1,000 likes giveaway! *U.S residents only*
  8. Happy Earth Day! 🌎 Hopefully the world soars after we are set free like this Crane Fly did. 😁 ft. Noah Campos New video
  9. Why? Mine have been munching on carrots happily for a couple months now.
  10. WATCH ME WHIP, WATCH ME SPIDER. New blog post!
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