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How to Find Beetles

Cole 78

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Hey! So I live in New York state (Rochester) and just got into beetles! There are a few beetles that can be found in NY that I want to look for next Spring. Just was wondering how/where/when. The beetles I am looking for are : Eastern Hercules, Earth Boring Scarab, Giant Stag, Rainbow Scarab, Rhino, Stag. Only thing I have found are Scarites Ground Beetles. Any help is appreciated!

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Most of the species you mentioned can be found in rotting hardwood logs. The exception, of course, is the dung beetles, which eat dung. To find a rhinoceros or stag beetle, I would suggest finding old, soft, well-decayed logs. Then, (with the landowner's permission) roll the logs and look under them, take a few pieces of bark off, and break it at places where the bark easily gives way. Try not to destroy the entire log as other animals may be living in the log that you can't see. For dung beetles, I have heard that one of the best ways to find Them is to go to a farm and turn over horse or cow dung. 

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The best way to find the beetles you're looking for is to shine a mercury vapor (MV) light on a sheet in the woods. The beetles, along with moths, will land on the sheet. You'll need a generator to power the light. If you don't want to spend money on a light rig, look for brightly lit gas stations (or other buildings) that are in rural areas. In the past, most of them had MV lights that attracted lots of insects. Unfortunately most have switched to LED lights, which don't attract much of anything. If you are able to find a building that still has MV lights, check it frequently. Some nights will be very good, others not so good. I have collected lots of the species you mentioned by gas-station hopping.

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