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  1. There are Stags in NY, so probably pin surrounding states as well. Don't forget, state lines mean nothing to beetles!
  2. Hey! So I live in New York state (Rochester) and just got into beetles! There are a few beetles that can be found in NY that I want to look for next Spring. Just was wondering how/where/when. The beetles I am looking for are : Eastern Hercules, Earth Boring Scarab, Giant Stag, Rainbow Scarab, Rhino, Stag. Only thing I have found are Scarites Ground Beetles. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Hey everbody! I am a long time insect enthusiast, and am looking to start keeping beetles! I have kept fruit flies, dubia roaches, mantids, ants, termites and will start keeping beetles! I know virtually nothing about beetles, and would greatly appreciate on how to keep them, and where to buy them! Thanks!
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