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Cannibalism in Lucanus?

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When my L. elaphus were L1 and L2, I'd notice that sometimes larvae would just disappear when kept together, and it was almost always the smallest ones. I have never noticed cannibalism with Dynastes tityus or granti. Anyone can corroborate this?



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How large were the containers? And what kind of substrate was it? I have almost 100 grubs in a 16(?) gallon tub and have had only a few deaths or injuries, and the grubs are mostly L3. The substrate is 100% rotten oak, with some wood chunks buried in it.

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Hi, I remember reading that. Mine were cannibalizing each other even when resources were not in short supply, so I had to separate them.

McMonigle recommends separating all elaphus L3s, because they are "easily overcrowded", which possibly suggests that lack of space may be problematic even with plenty of food.

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