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Goliath Beetle Larvae


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I have so many questions.


Do you keep them stacked like that or are those temporary containers for feeding? I noticed the lack of substrate. If so, where do you locate your ventilation holes?


Where did you obtain your Goliathus? I've been looking since I found out the 3 species had become legal, but I'm not having much/any luck.

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Very nice. What species are they? I wish you luck for their pupation. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on the classifieds if you get a decent second generation and have surplus.

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PowerHobo: 1. Those are the containers I keep them in. The shallow substrate helps them find food quickly (helpful for several reasons), also they don't need/eat much of the substrate anyway. The containers with almost no substrate had mites recently (most of the ones up front), so I have been changing the substrate when I feed them to bring the mite numbers back down. 2. Most of my ventilation holes are in the lids, but a few are on the sides. I feed them every other day so they get a lot of air flow that way. 3-4: PM me


Titanus: Thanks! These are G.g. and this is my second batch of larvae - their parents all pupated and eclosed with no problems. I have actually had more trouble with hatchlings and early L1, pupation is pretty easy now.

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