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Greetings from the desert!


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Hello, BeetleForum! Travis here, from Las Vegas, NV, US. I raised darklings as a kid, and my own daughter gaining some interest has breathed new life into my own. I've always loved rhinos and stags, but never really realized that they could be kept until recently, so here I am!


My daughter and I have started a colony of superworms, just like I did when I was her age, and they're already molting like crazy. She's having a lot of fun checking on them and hopefully learning some patience and diligence along the way (not that they take a whole lot of diligence to raise). We have an agreement that if she does well here we can start looking at some rhinos for her, though realistically she's helping me with mine already.


As for my own beetles: with some help and a ton of patience from Peter over at bugsincyberspace.com, I've gotten my supplies together and my first group of grubs growing all fat and happy. (2) D. granti and (2) enormous M. punctulatus.


I also have (1) male (profile picture) and (4) female adult D. tityus as of just yesterday, hoping to experiencing mating and some ova, which I'm more excited about than I feel like a 31-year-old man should be. :lol:


I have a lot of learning to do, and I'm looking forward to doing it.

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Welcome! And good for her! Few girls are interested in insects/beetles--(believe me), lol! My friends in school will run miles away from a beetle if they see one...

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Thanks, guys! I've lurked here for a bit while I was doing my initial searching, so I'm pretty confident in this community. I've been able to answer most of my questions already just with forum searches :lol:

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Yeah man, welcome to the forum!

I suppose your beetles just enclosed? And yes. I would be proud too. Honestly it is healthy to be so excited over such wonders of nature, so dont stress man!


Thank you, thank you! No pupation yet. I got my grubs from BIC, and I'm pretty sure I've got a year or two to go with them; I got the adult D. tityus from another source in hopes of being able to mate them, since BIC didn't have larvae for that species listed on the site.

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