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Greetings from Maryland


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I'm a fourteen year old aspiring entomologist from Eastern Maryland. I mostly keep native beetles but I also have Porcellio scaber, Therea petiveriania, Stenopelmatus sp, Narceus americanus, and some snails. As you can probably tell, I don't really have any big exotic species as violating import laws seems a bit too risky for me. I also pin insects, again mostly beetles, and have a little over 100 specimens in my collection currently. I'm mostly active on Instagram (username is @aspen89) and I make YouTube videos on collecting and just info on inverts in general. I'm really glad to finally have an account on Beetle Forum so I can buy stuff for cheaper than commercial websites, especially darklings as they always seem to be so overpriced everywhere else, even on Instagram. Also hoping to make some friends here too.

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Welcome to the Forum! I was around 13 when I collected my first pet inverts, I had a HUGE flat millipede I got from my great aunt's house in Georgia. She lived on a mountain that had all kinds of cool critters and inverts! Anyways glad to see a young aspiring entomologist on here!

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Welcome to the forum! I have a few death feinters for sale as of now. I should have many more for sale next year and possibly some very rare ones. That sounds like a very nice pinned collection, I always wanted to start a pinned collection but my live collection is getting huge so Im focusing on them I may sell more pinned inverts in the future as well

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