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Just Ordered 6 Allomyrina dichotoma Larvae!

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Hey, guys.

So, I'm going to try raising beetles again. This time I'm going to try a different species that's well-researched, matures quickly(dies quickly, too, unfortunately), and is pretty easy to rear from what I'm told.

I'm of course referring to the famous Kabutomushi! (A. dichotoma)

I already have scales to weight them, a plastic box with lots of air holes, and I should be getting some substrate in the next few days. They're coming from London so I have some time.


Does anyone have any tips & tricks/advice/cautionary tales on rearing this species?



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I wouldn't have more than a few air holes in the container, as many rhino beetles dry out easily, and the substrate should consist of mostly rotten wood, maybe some leaf rot added in, and larvae may accept supplemental feeding, also make sure to seperate male and female after they mate, as the male can kill the female , but besides that I can't think of anything else.

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Specifically, kabuto is Japanese for "helmet", and mushi is "insect". So, it's the Japanese Rhinoceros Helmet Beetle! Named so because their horns resemble samurai helmets. How badass is that?

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