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beetle loss of appendages

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Hey, guys, I have had this Alaus melonops for about three months now (prob fem.) and at one point, one of its antenna was "injured"or shortened. Does anybody know of any causes to this? I have also kept a male shield backed katydid for three months, and one of its antenna (originally two in) was reduced to 1/2 cm. I tried to be careful, because this have been a common thing all along. Could it be that I have too many obstacles (twigs,bogwood, etc.)? The Alaus melonops and the Shield backed katydid share the same container...


P.S. Will the shortening of antenna affect their sense in any way?

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Shieldback katydids tend to be omnivores, and will prey on other insects from time to time, so it's possible it may be picking on the Alaus. Could also be age related, as insects get older, bits of their antennae and their tibiae start falling off.

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