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Alaus oculatus pupa

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I don't know if anyone else here is reading any click beetle species, but this is a pupa I collected as a grub a few months ago. This is alaus oculatus, the largest elaterid in the eastern United States, and a very much under-bred species. Also, if anyone has any care tips like breeding and larva care, it would be greatly appreciated, and I will be selling these as adults from late fall to mid spring when I can find them hibernating in rotten logs.


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Very nice, I love these! I tried breeding A.melanops once, but my 1st instar larvae all died off, presumably because I didn't give them small enough prey items. I caught a large larvae a couple years ago and got it to mature last month, apparently this species refuses to pupate without a piece of wood to bore into. Did your A.oculatus larva need wood to make a pupal cell in?


Besides my lone A.melanops, I've got Pyrophorus noctilucus and a few misc Elaterid larvae from here in Idaho and a few I got from a friend in Illinois.

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Nice, yeah it did use a log, not very decayed and about two inches thick, though it pupated near the surface

Good to know, thanks for thee info! And congrats on the pupa eclosing! :D

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