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Insect fairs in the USA ?


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There are only a few insect fairs a year and they are far too far for most of us and also the primary product is dead insects. There are many reptile fairs within a few hours of anyone and those often have tarantulas but not beetles.

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Thank you for answer, you two.

It is like in germany with the Fairs the beetles was rare but, since two years the Beetle-Hobby are rise up.

If you are interessted i can show you some pictures from the German fairs.


I hope i can see some days a Japanese Insectfair. :wub: (it´s must be a litle piece heaven on earth...)


And the rest of the world what is in your country ?

Here in the Forum are international members whats up with you, please tell me about insect fairs ! :)


Thanks and greetings,


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Really wonderful video! The US is a wonderful country to be a beetle hobbyist in, but we sure are behind the times in tasteful pet hobbies! If I never see another dog or cat, I'll be just fine. When I see a video like that, I think of the future.

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We just had our annual BugFair at the Natural History Museum of LA County. Tons of live and dried inverts and insect related items. The one thing you can't buy/sell are beetles... specially since USDA and APHIS both have booths at the event... not that it has not happened in years past, but it's best not to ;-)

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