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Hercules/ Rhino "hotspot" suggestions for weary traveler 125 mi from DC?

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Well, I've been wondering where to post this question and I have read through past threads here and it looks like some of you either reside or are within driving distance of VA/ MD/ DE/ Washington DC areas. I'm in NJ and it seems like I'm just beyond the range of most of the Hercules/ Rhino beetles, and certainly Giant Stags as well (a considerable distance for the latter especially it seems), if I go by recent sightings as shown on both iNaturalist and whatsthatbug.com. So, for now, I've just been concentrating on the Hercules/ Rhino.


After seeing some recent sightings of the Hercules, I proceeded to a couple of public parks near the area lying just E of Baltimore, MD. There were plenty of trees at these parks and a few decaying stumps, but no beetle. I know these are supposedly nocturnal as well, so after killing a few hours, I took a chance and headed back to the best park around dusk (I say "chance" because all of the parks I'm finding, whether public or "state", seem to be open "dawn to dusk" and they won't let you stay past dark). It was getting somewhat dark when I finally left, but still no beetles. Disappointed, I headed home and wasted 160 mi round trip :(.


So, I'm turning here. I'd like male/ female samples of these for my collection. I can't keep taking these trips unless something more concrete comes up, like suggestions of beetle "hotspots" or a different strategy. I read in the archives that some folks have visited shopping centers and the like, or lights near woods and drove around looking for candidate beetles. For the distance I have to travel, this is a big chance, but if there are particular coordinates, "stores", etc that could be PM'd, I'd welcome that too. Unfortunately, I can't set up a UV light bait trap, just too far away for that.


I realize that I can always order the dried Hercules, but then I can't say that I was the one who caught them. I know that might sound silly and it may be, but I may be left with no alternative but to order if I can't get some more info on finding these.


Before I do any more travelling, I would appreciate any genuine suggestions in advance. The furthest I've gone so far is 80 mi one way. There seems to have been quite a few sightings further S (between DC and Alexandria, VA), but this is up to 150 mi one way from me.




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I'm in DC/VA/MD area, and I don't know any hotspots here.


you may find one here and there, but there no guarantee that they will be there.


So I drive to NC and southern VA to collect sometimes and that is about 500+ miles round trip lol. and I always find things in NC.


You can always visit gas stations near parks, so you don't have to stay inside parks after dark.

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Yeah my sister went there for a camp for six weeks and in that time found four lucanus capreolus males IN THE DORM BUILDING!! She's no Bug hunter so there's gotta be a good population there for four to show up inside of the building

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